Introducing STIX: Loose battens for creative application

STIX are perfect for custom joinery, architectural features, finishing details, or wherever your creativity takes them!

Like MODULO and PANELS, STIX prefinished decorative fibreboard battens are available in a range of profiles and Navurban decors, ensuring visually consistent high quality finishes throughout your space.

STIX by Screenwood

Featured Project

Product: MODULO Arc, Finish: Navurban™ The Oaks
Specifier: Studio & You, Photography: Kasey Funnell

MODULO sculpted profiles are designed for easy installation, allowing a quick transformation of any space.

Studio & You have achieved a calm and inviting waiting area at this Canberra medical practice, prioritising the comfort of little ones in their design. A cheerful palette evokes the sunny outdoors; a theme reinforced through organic curves and playful decor, creating a relaxed environment.

MODULO linear panels contribute warmth to the space, and enhance the vertical elevation, providing structure and visual balance.

Architectural products by Screenwood are prefinished, offering hard wearing and serviceable surfaces.

Featured Project

CRODA Australia, Parramatta
Product: MODULO Groove 50, Finish: Navurban™ White Mountain Oak
Specifier: Morphos/ Strutt Studios, Photography: Luc Rémond

MODULO tongue and groove boards curve around the foyer wall at CRODA Australia.

The design of CRODA’s new Paramatta office focused on the staff’s enjoyment of the workspace and creating an environment that fosters teamwork. With the intention of de-commercialising the office, typical hard surfaces were replaced with timber and fabric finishes.

MODULO has been used on interior walls, contributing to the amenity and appeal of the space.

CRODA Australia features MODULO by Screenwood to bring warmth and texture to boardrooms and communal spaces.