Navurban™ Cremorne*


Sustainable, functional and resilient, the Navurban™ range is a premium alternative to timber. Navurban™ is engineered using Japanese non-PVC Olefin surface technology and is 3D-embossed to create varied textures, including fine and embossed-textured wood grains, smooth finishes vertical grains.

*Inspired by a diamonds’ strength and beauty, Navurban Diamond Finish™ is a technologically advanced version of the Navurban™ range. It features a reinforced top layer that endures under the toughest of hospitality, commercial and institutional environments, retaining its premium quality finish.

Digital and printed finishes should be used as a guide only. Please request a sample to confirm your selection.

    Navurban™ Cremorne* Finish Sample

    120mm x 75mm fibreboard card, supplied in Navurban™ Cremorne

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